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Back in 2019 when we first started working on CDP Saver we posted the few initial release posts at the Decenter blog, before deciding to branch out DeFi Saver content, which is when we started the DFS Medium publication. Medium is quick to setup and looks great, which makes it an attractive option

However, it was always somewhat known that Medium can be hit and miss for any crypto related articles and we’ve known of teams that had issues even back in 2017 and 2018 while we were working on earlier Decenter projects…

Welcome to our latest monthly release covering July events, updates, and stats!

The month behind us was a fairly odd one, with the crab market in full swing for the most of it and the most significant news and happenings in the Ethereum world being those of numerous investments and all sorts of NFTs launched that caused short, but very wild gas spikes every day or two, something that has actually continued into August for now, too.

Still, though the market sentiment may not have seemed very confident, it was great to see the amount of ETH deposited in various…

Welcome to our latest monthly release covering June events, updates, and stats!

Things have settled down a lot after the wild ride that was the market peak followed by the subsequent ~50% crash in May. June has been a much less volatile month and the very low gas prices lately (except during a few recent generative NFT launches) are a very clear indicator that the on-chain activity is quite a bit lower, too.

A brief introduction to DeFi’s new sweetheart and an overview of Liquity tools available in DeFi Saver to help you decide if you should move existing positions to Liquity.

Liquity is a new lending protocol on Ethereum that launched on April 5th and introduced the LUSD stablecoin backed solely by ETH, together with promises of interest free borrowing combined with an extremely low minimum collateralization ratio of 110%.

The launch was an instant hit and these promises helped the protocol amass an incredible 1m of ETH deposits in a matter of mere two weeks. …

Welcome to our latest monthly release covering May events, updates, and stats!

May was such a polarizing month, with the market making incredible new all time highs, only to drop 50% lower in the next ten days or so, causing over $370m worth of collateral to be liquidated across the DeFi landscape on May 19 alone.

Still, as always, the DeFi space was mostly unfazed by the violent market movements, especially given how much better all protocols performed in these conditions, with no issues with liquidations at Maker, Compound, Aave and even the barely one month old fan favourite Liquity…

Celebrating the success of DeFi’s favourite ghostly protocol with free migrations!👻

The Aave liquidity protocol has been growing at a staggering rate and has recently made it to the number one spot in total value locked, thanks in part to their introduced liquidity incentives for Aave v2, as well as their greatly successful Polygon launch.

Welcome to our latest monthly release covering April events, updates, and stats!

Ah, spring — the season when everything is blooming, days grow longer and Ethereum reaches new all-time highs. Though only that last bit is true on both sides of the Equator.

For all of us building through the bear market, it really was pretty incredible to see Ethereum rising to $3,000 and climbing onwards steadily. And, with the market soaring, we also saw the total value locked in DeFi continously rising higher, too, reaching a staggering $80B.

The new DeFi Saver bug bounty is now live on Immunefi! Immunefi is a bug bounty platform for smart contracts and DeFi projects, where security researchers review code, disclose vulnerabilities, get paid, and help make the entire DeFi ecosystem safer.

We’re thrilled to be in a position to say that DeFi Saver has become a very popular app among DeFi users with the trade volume happening at DeFi Saver surpassing $1 Billion in Q1 2021 alone. Additionally, our flagship feature, Automation, currently manages over $700m in user funds in a number of assets in positions in MakerDAO, Compound and Aave.

Our new transaction builder is now LIVE — allowing users greater freedom and setting up first building blocks for countless automated options.

Today we’re extremely happy to share our latest major feature, the DeFi Saver Recipe Creator, that you can try at:

The Recipe Creator is the latest addition to the DeFi Saver toolbox, this time allowing users to put together various DeFi legos in the form of different actions involving multiple protocols and running them in a single transaction.

Though the concept of a transaction builder isn’t really new in this space, the Recipe Creator aims to provide…

Welcome to our latest monthly release covering March events, updates and stats!

The month of March kept everyone on their toes as it approached, with the trauma of last year’s disastrous crash on March 12 ominously present in the air.

However, March came and went rather peacefully, and while it may have been trauma that caused the late-February market dip, the recovery and push back towards $2,000 for ETH seemed to indicate the bull market was all but over. …

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